November 21, 2016
Regarding: Lashae Taylor
To Whom It May Concern;

I am pleased to be able to write this letter of reference on behalf of Lashae as she had an impact on me and Mama’s House in many ways during the time we knew her.
As a Certified Doula, she provided hands on instruction and an “ask me anything” knowledge that enabled our residents to “open up” and express themselves about fears they were facing. Whether those fears dealt with the pregnancy, delivery, or impending motherhood, her willingness to share and teach in these specific areas was comforting to our new mothers and priceless to all of us.
We are a ministry that works with women in crisis pregnancies and Lashae had a heartfelt love and appreciation for each one. She spent hours developing crafts projects to bring to the house and work on with them, always using the opportunities to teach about life and faith, hope and love.
Her sweet spirit, commitment to excellence and willingness to go the extra mile are qualities that any business or non-profit organization would welcome. We are saddened to hear that she is leaving our area, but know without a doubt that she will carry on with good works for the benefit of anyone blessed to cross her path.
We hope that you will take time to know her personally as we have had the privilege to do.

Jan Lupia
Founder and Executive Director of Mama’s House


November 25, 2016

To Whom This may Concern,

I would like to recommend LaShae Taylor for a job. She has done an excellent job of helping at Mama’s House in many areas. She is a genuine, caring and talented woman. She has excellent people skills and her communication style is
easygoing and organized.

She became involved with Mama’s House as a Douala with her business, Birthing Beautiful Miracles. She made a weekly commitment to visit Mama’s House and get to know the resident mothers on a personal basis. Over time, she helped them
to focus on their dreams and goals with a special project called “Vision Boards”. I was impressed how successful thiswas with the mothers as they listened to LaShae while they cut magazine pictures from magazines and pasted them to their
Dream/Vision Boards. It was amazing to see these women as they began to focus on their new dreams to become nurses, drug & alcohol counselors and even a chef!

One mother chose to have LaShae as her Douala recently during her natural childbirth experience. They had music, aromatherapy and a peaceful labor leading up to the birth. She has a special talent for developing trusting relationships with her calm nature and positive beliefs.

It has been a pleasure to work with her and I believe any employer would be blessed to have her as their employee.

Diane Barrett, Volunteer Coordinator
Mama’s House, Palm Desert, CA;; (760) 835-1461