As we all know over the last nine (9) months food was the # 1 Priority, with so many cravings and so many of our loved ones catering to your needs, you may have picked up a few extra unwanted pounds! It’s totally normal. There’s no need to stress, the weight will come off! You have to remember it took (9) months to put it on, give yourself (9) months to take it off. I know that’s not what us women want to hear but it’s true.

First and foremost do not start any exercise routine without being cleared by your OBGYN first.

For all new mommies concerned with getting your pre-pregnancy body back, NURSING is your best friend not only for an increased healthy weight loss but also the BEST nutritional choice for your baby.

Nursing along with lots of H2O, 45 mins daily walks and a realistic meal regimen will be just enough to get you on the right track in losing your bay fat. Please keep in mind not all mommies are able to nurse for a variety of reasons, in this case an alternative program will be customized just for you.

It’s so important to get the proper amount of sleep while trying to lose weight. Yes, mommies I know it’s easier said than done, but this is a must you need to nap while your baby naps NO EXCUSES! Lack of adequate rest will eventually affect your milk production.

I will be your support system helping you with meal ideas, portion control and reading labels in the grocery store, all while adding in the right workout routine. Together we can achieve your goal of a healthier you. Together, using many resources we will find a system that works for YOU!

You are empowered by the choices you make, let’s embrace your new beginning as you continue to live
a happy and healthy lifestyle.