Birthing Beautiful MiraclesYou have a say in everything that happens to you; your body, your birth and your baby. In many cases during our pregnancy there just is not enough emotional support or birthing education offered by the doctors due to their large patient load.

Emotional support brings a sense of closeness from those dear to us. We want everyone to share in the joys of our pregnancy, and having a strong support system will cater to the highs and lows that all women experience when expecting. Being able to ask for help is a sign of courage and strength, furthermore it takes a lot of worry and stress away; allowing the freedom to focus solely on our well-being in preparation for the new baby.

Becoming a mother changes your reality from self-centered to caregiver. For some of us this happens in a smooth transition, for others it can be quite challenging.

With enormous pressures on the parents to do everything “Perfect”, many first time parents are naturally anxious and concerned about their child’s wellbeing. It is my goal to ease these pressures and build confidence in the parents new role by relieving these anxieties through support and knowledge.

I believe in embracing naturally what works for you and supporting every decision for all my clients and families.