Hi, my name is Tone Owens and I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl named Jayla Marie. I met Ms. La’shae when I was in a shelter called mama’s house back in June . La’shae is the best doula you can ask for! Jayla is my first baby, and it was my first pregnancy as well and I didn’t know what to expect. La’shae had all the answers to my questions and concerns. La’shae was very responsive, I’ve called her at 1 & 2 In the morning and she was there for me. La’shae was also very hands on, she would come over and help me with exercises and things to help me with the pain and contractions I was having.

When it came time for Jayla’s arrival La’shae was there bright and early holding my hand, with soft music playing, candles burning and lavender aroma therapy. I was so calm with the mixture of things going to relax me you could hardly tell I was in labor . La’shae Taylor is amazing and I would highly recommend her.

– Tone Owens


Women who face an unplanned pregnancy are often overwhelmed with fear and hurdles. It takes courage to carry a baby to term and when facing uncertainty, it may seem impossible. Whether they choose to parent or place the child in a loving family through adoption. They have the opportunity to find the courage within themselves at Mama’s House. We were very excited that LaShae came along side Mama’s House to offer our mother’s support. We were so thankful to have had LaShae present at the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Jayla Marie. Our mother and first-time parent, Tone was so grateful for LaShae. It was very calming to have someone there that not only knew what was going on with physically but also was familiar with the in’s and out’s of the hospital procedures and could help us understand what was going on and our options. She actually has a lot of fantastic suggestions, for example, having candles and relaxing music playing. I also found it so important that Tone did not have to be left alone at any point during the labor. Thank you so much LaShae!

-Christina Saldivar, Director of Mama’s House



Christy P“My experience with LaShae from “Birthing Beautiful Miracles” was everything that I could hope for and more. Even though I was scheduled to have a C-section I was still able to benefit from having a Doula.
LaShae stayed with me through pre-op calming my nerves and putting my mind at ease, offering me massage with aroma therapy before going into the O.R..

After eleven years between children, I don’t think that I could have gone in there as prepared mentally as I was had it not been for my wonderful Doula, LaShae.Christy P


LaShae made the transition from hospital to home just as easy by picking up my prescriptions, last minute things that we needed from the store, and a hot dinner. Because of La Shae we were able to just enjoy our baby on his first day home.

I would use LaShae again in a heartbeat and recommend her to anyone (even C-section mommies) looking for a Doula. She exceeded my expectations!”

– Christy P.




Christina RChristina RHi my name is Cristina and I wanted to start off by saying LaShae is wonderful, smart, great and ambitious.
The way I met LaShae was through work. In December 2015 I found out I was expecting and couldn’t wait to get to work on Monday to share the news. She congratulated me and as the months went by I pretty much had my own personal doula at work. LaShae had been training to become a doula, so throughout my pregnancy, she was very helpful, supportive and encouraging. We discussed options for birthing plans and my ideal setting for the birth of my son.

With my previous pregnancy I had a C-section, so the emotions and nervousness of going through the procedure again were a little difficult. LaShae kept me uplifted and calm whenever anxiety would creep in. This experience was very important for my husband because this was his first child and he was ecstatic to become a father. LaShae was very informative and was able to communicate with my husband although he spoke very little English, to hear them laughing hysterically definitely helped release and decrease the intense feeling of anticipation. In the triage, LaShae kept the environment calm and intimate by adding lavender oil to my feet and dimmed the lights. She had natural relaxing music playing in the background. She kept my mind at ease and I was able to make an easy transition preparing myself for my scheduled C-section.

LaShae has been committed from the moment I shared with her that I was expecting, through the entire 9months, delivery and to my surprise postpartum. Every day she calls to check on us, offers to run errands for me and is an amazing nursing coach! Thank you LaShae for being a great Doula and woman. I will forever be grateful so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– Cristina R.

Christina R Christina R Christina R



Alisia BAlisia BMy name is Alisia, I am 35 years old & I just gave birth to my 1st child 11-24-15 at JFK in the city of Indio at 2:47 pm. Her name is D’Siya LaFaye! I always said that if I ever got blessed to carry a baby & become a mother I wanted a Doula. Due to financial stability, I wasn’t able to afford a Doula. However, GOD saw fit to place me on Ms. LaShae Taylor’s heart. When I received her message stating she would love to extend her services to me I cried because GOD knew I wanted this from the beginning.After LaShae contacted me she stayed in contact with me every day whether it was by text or call me. She was there with me from the very beginning of my labor. From Saturday to the day of my delivery, Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015 my labor was 21 hours total. My Doula was right there by my side. She helped coach me, helped me with my breathing, brought relaxing music, and lavender. She encouraged me the entire time and was a great support to me. Whatever my choices were with delivery she stood by them and respected my wishes. She helped keep me calm. I kept having false labor & she showed up at the hospital every time. I’m so grateful to her for that because she had to drive from Desert Hot Springs to Indio every time and she never once complained about being tired or using her gas for the extra trip. Not only that, she made sure that she made arrangements with her job so that she could be there with me whenever I needed her.

Alisia B Alisia B

It doesn’t stop there, she was there for me after birth as well for emotional support, and helping me with breast feeding, she was able to capture our very first photos together and a video of my daughter being born all while still coaching me.

Again as I stated before I will be forever grateful to LaShae for her awesome services. I will definitely be recommending her to all my expecting friends & family!

-Alisa B.



Erin PErin PLaShae was present during three out of four of my deliveries. She even cut the umbilical cord with my second child. With her support, knowledge and gentle demeanor I was able to get through a very difficult time during one of my pregnancies. Life happens and we cannot always predict what happens. While I was pregnant I also went through a bad breakup, she kept me grounded mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She was always there to listen and was my shoulder to cry on. I was horrible with my food choices so LaShae made sure I was eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and was taking my pre-natals. I received a phone call almost every day and before I could ask for anything, she was already offering.

Instead of waiting for the nurses to assist me, LaShae was already there beside me ready to go. I didn’t have to buzz the nurse and wait. LaShae was on top of it all, helping me out of bed, reconnecting me to all the monitors etc.

Erin P

With the birth of my daughter, everything went extremely fast. I was able to labor at home until the pain was too uncomfortable. Once we arrived at the hospital I was already 6 cm, I began to panic thinking oh my goodness how am I’m going to do this! At that very moment, LaShae must have known I was in the panic mood, she looked me right in the eyes and said ERIN you got this, you are doing this, your daughter is almost here, keep going. I did just that my daughter was born all natural in less than 2 hours! Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without LaShae keeping me so calm during such a un-calm experience.

She’s very engaged and intuitive. In addition to being an amazing doula, she doubles up as a nursing advocate and educated me on breastfeeding offering much support that was needed, because of her I was able to successfully breastfeed.

LaShae is a wonderful person I appreciate all that she did for me.

Erin P.