I’m here to support you and your postpartum needs. I can assist the mother and family in whatever mommy needs to best enjoy and care for your new addition. I’m here to help with infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery after giving birth, and mommy/baby bonding. I can visit the home the first few days or weeks after baby is born; it’s whatever your heart desires. Some of the support includes; light household work, picking up meals, laundry, shopping, even running errands anything to ensure that you’re getting your proper sleep and the right amount of rest that’s needed to care for your baby. I’m not a trained, nor certified postpartum Doula, I’m offering support from my own experience. This experience includes caring for many family members and friends. Birthing Beautiful Miracles wants this to be a smooth transition into motherhood. Whether it’s your first, second, or fifth baby this should be a beautiful experience.